30 Second Gear Reviews - Dwarfcraft Devices Great Destroyer - Red Note Rehearsal Studios
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31 Oct 30 Second Gear Reviews – Dwarfcraft Devices Great Destroyer

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Time is money, and brevity is the soul of wit, and that’s why we at Red Note Rehearsal Studios think that gear reviews should only be 30 seconds long!

At its most gentle, Dwarfcraft Device’s Great Destroyer is an awesome dirt box, with huge layers of sputtery fuzz and great tonal definition. But start turning back its patented “starve” knob, and you’ll open up a Pandora’s box of insane sounds, from raspy growls to siren shrieks, with plenty of surprises in between. This is a pedal whose settings you’ll want to spend hours tweaking and exploring…if you dare!!!

In the first 10 seconds of this video, you’ll hear the Great Destroyer in its “safe” setting for some more classic fuzz, but it’s not long before things get weird….

This pedal holds a special place in the stompbox library at Red Note Rehearsal Studios, so stop by today and give it a spin!

Purchase this unholy demon here: http://www.dwarfcraft.com/store/p19/T…

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