30 Second Gear Reviews - Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master - Red Note Rehearsal Studios
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11 Sep 30 Second Gear Reviews – Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master

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Time is money, and brevity is the soul of wit, and that’s why we at Red Note Rehearsal Studios think that gear reviews should only be 30 seconds long!

The Dispatch Master from Earthquaker Devices is an excellent way to add delay and reverb to your board while only committing to one pedal worth of footprint.  Either effect can be used by itself, but the real magic happens when you combine the two.  A pinch of each will give you some of that classic, spooky slapback, while heavier doses will result in far more dramatic sounds.  Whether you’re looking to spruce up your tone with a bit of delay and reverb, or to create some really out there atmospherics, this awesome pedal puts a whole arsenal of sonic possibilities at your disposal!

This pedal holds a special place in the stompbox library at Red Note Rehearsal Studios, so stop by today and give it a spin!

Purchase this many-trick pony here: http://earthquakerdevices.com/shop/Dispatch%20Master/cat/13093

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