About - Red Note Rehearsal Studios
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We are Red Note Rehearsal Studios

Red Note Rehearsal Studios is a full-service music rehearsal space on the border between Bushwick, Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens.  With top-of-the-line equipment, knowledgeable staff, and low hourly rates, Red Note Rehearsal Studios offers the best possible opportunity for bands and artists to practice their craft in a comfortable, attentive, and affordable environment.

Our philosophy puts musicians first, and we are committed to supporting the incredibly prolific and diverse musical communities of Brooklyn and Queens.  We’re proud to offer not only top quality amps, drums, and PA systems systems, but also an ever-growing collection of effects pedals available for free use during rehearsal times, a library of instructional books, instruments for hourly rental, and any other equipment you might need.  The local community is what keeps our doors open, and we’re happy to support the artists who support us, so drop off some show fliers, ask us what gear you need to get that perfect tone, and check out our community and blog pages to see what else is going on.

In addition to our studio rooms, we have a music supply store, carrying strings, picks, pedals, and more.  Stop by to see what’s in stock, or take a look at our pedal inventory at our online store.  We carry new and used gear, so if you have any equipment you’re looking to get rid of, let us know!

Red Note Rehearsal Studios is owned and operated by Joe Mastracchio.  In addition to being a lifelong musician, Joe writes the Brooklyn-based heavy music blog The Bent Unit, books shows for local and touring artists, and spends his free time worshiping Frank Zappa.


Frequently Asked Questions


So….what is this place?


Red Note Rehearsal Studios is, well, a rehearsal studio.  Or, if you will, a practice space.  Or a practice studio.  Or a rehearsal space!  Whatever you want to call it.  Not to be confused with a recording studio (although you might certainly try recording here…more on that later).  It’s a place for full band practice, for individual practice, for working hard, playing hard, or any combination of the two.  Our rehearsal rooms are generally available for hourly rental and are great spaces for making music happen.


But we’re also more than just empty rehearsal space.  We’re a cornucopia of musical resources, and we want to do whatever we can to help you do what you love, and maybe even get better at doing it.  Try out some new gear, peruse our library of instructional books, or just hang out and ask us about our favorite local venues.  We’re not business people – we’re musicians just like you.


Where are you located?


Red Note is located on the border between Bushwick, Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens.  This neighborhood represents a thriving community of musicians and artists, and we’re happy to support that community by providing a clean, comfortable, and affordable practice space.


The closest subway stops are the Halsey Street L stop, or the Myrtle-Wyckoff M/L stop.  You can also take the B20 or B26 bus


The actual address is 1001 Irving Avenue, Ridgewood NY 11385.  Click here to find us on google maps.


What are your hours of operation?


For all intents and purposes, we are open 24/7.  Advance notice of bookings is very much appreciated, and there are certain times when we’ll be closed (holidays etc), but other than that, don’t hesitate to call us as early or late as you want.  Joe lives about 3 minutes away, and will gladly open the doors at any time.


What are your rates?


Currently both of our rehearsal rooms are available for the hourly rate of $20.  This includes use of all of the equipment contained within, including full drumsets, bass and guitar amps, and a PA system.


We also offer a solo rehearsal rate of $10 an hour for day-of bookings.


How big are the rooms?


The rooms are roughly 11×15′, or 165 square feet.  They are certainly big enough to fit an average sized band of 3-5 people, but we’ve had 7+ person bands in before, so if you’re willing to get a bit cozy, it will work out!


What equipment do you have?


Marshall DSL100H & MX412A 100W tube half stack
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40W tube combo
Blackstar HT-50 & HTV-412 all tube half-stack
Orange TH30C 30W tube combo
Markbass CMD 102P 2×10 bass combos
Yamaha CP40 STAGE 88-Key Graded Hammer Stage Piano
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kit with 20″ bass drum
Pearl VBL Vision Birch kit with 22″ bass drum
Zildjian ZBL cymbals
Yamaha EMX512SC/A15 PA systems


Do you have a keyboard?


Yes!  We have a beautiful Yamaha CP40 STAGE 88-Key Graded Hammer Stage Piano.  It’s normally kept in Audrey – check out our rehearsal page for more info on rooms and equipment.


Do you have guitars and basses?


We have a Fender Squier stratocaster electric guitar, and a Fender Squier Precision Bass.  Both are available for hourly rental for $5/hour.  Please let us know in advance if you’ll need to rent one during your rehearsal session.


Do drummers need to bring their own cymbals/snare/clutch/etc?


Nope – we’ve got everything!  But if you’re particular about these things, please feel free to bring any of your own equipment to supplement our kits.


What’s up with the pedals?


We maintain a nice library of effects pedals that we are quite proud of.  We are licensed retailers of a full line of Dunlop and MXR pedals, and also carry a number of pedals from smaller manufacturers, including Death by Audio, Earthquaker Devices, Dwarfcraft Devices, Humboldt Wood Pedals, and more.  Most of these pedals are available for sale, but we also encourage our customers to use their rehearsal time to try out pedals for free.  Come check out the collection, and try out a new tone or two!


Some of our pedals are also available for purchase at our online store.


So, you’re a music supply store too?


We sure are.  In addition to pedals, we carry strings, picks, straps, slides, cleaning/maintenance products, and more.  


Are you interested in buying my used gear?


Yes!  Let us know what you’d like to get rid of, and we’ll certainly consider it.  


What else can I use the rooms for?


Anything within reason!  We’ve had actors, comedy troupes, stand-up comics, film crews, and plenty more use the space for their own purposes.  If you need an empty for any such reason, give us a call and we’ll see if the studios will work for you.  We’re happy to help make it work and give you a good spot to do your thing.  For general use, typical rates would still apply – $20 base rate for groups, or $10 for solo acts.


What is your booking policy?


Just give us a call at (917) 676-1364, or send us an email at rednotestudios@gmail.com to schedule your session.  We strongly encourage advance bookings to ensure that you’ll be able to book the space you want, when you want to book it.  We do not require a deposit for one-off bookings; simply pay on your way out.


We do offer discounted rates for anyone who books 8 or more hours in advance.  In this case we will require payment up front, but it will ensure that you get the space you want, and at a lowered rate.  The payment is non-refundable, however if you need to cancel a session, we’ll gladly help you reschedule it at a more convenient time, at no additional cost.


Do you offer music lessons?


We offer drum lessons for all skill levels, as well as bass lessons for beginner and intermediate students.  Our base rate is $25 per half hour, or $45 per hour lesson, although discounts are available for bulk lesson packages.


Are you a recording studio?


Technically, no, and there is a bit of sound bleed between rooms that prevents us from offering a completely isolated recording environment.  But there’s no reason you couldn’t use our practice space to do some tracking, demo some songs out, or even record an album!  Please reach out to us directly about recording at Red Note, and we’ll see how we can help with the process.  Just note that we are not able to offer in-depth assistance with audio engineering or room setup, nor are we able to supply recording equipment besides the basics.  If you feel comfortable using the rooms to record, then we encourage you to go ahead, but you should already have the equipment and experience necessary to run your own recording session.

Here’s a song with guitars, bass, and vocals recorded at Red Note: