Gruesome Twosomes: MXR Dyna Comp + DOD Phasor 201 - Red Note Rehearsal Studios
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25 Aug Gruesome Twosomes: MXR Dyna Comp + DOD Phasor 201

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This week we’re getting funky.  Hell, we’re getting FUNKAY!  And we’re doing it with a couple of classic pedals that are sure to give your rhythm playing just the right amount of stank.

First, we’re going to run our signal through the truly iconic MXR Dyna Comp.  In addition to being a favorite of Nashville chicken pickers and soaring-lead David Gilmour types, compressors are never in short supply on the boards of funk players.  Listen to some classic Nile Rodgers rhythm work and you’ll see how a little compression goes a long way towards that tight, crisp tone that defined so many 70s and 80s funk and disco hits:

While there are plenty of other options out there, you just can’t go wrong with the classic, affordable, and beautifully simple Dyna Comp.  Twist that Output knob to 2 and the Sensitivity to 10, and you’ll instantly hear your tone begin to tighten up and punch through.

Now, when most people think of funk guitar, the other effect that quickly comes to mind is an auto-wah or envelope filter, like the classic EHX Q-Tron.  And while nothing says dirty, interstellar funk like a heavy wah, the truth is that wahs and filters can often come across as a bit over the top.  As an alternative, a nice phase effect can offer a healthy dose of swirl and shimmer, without sounding quite as much like an extraterrestrial robot.  

When it comes to this pedal combination, my phaser or choice is the DOD Phasor 201.  Its simple one-knob construction bears a doubtless resemblance to the MXR Phase 90, but what I like about the 201 is that it’s a bit more subtle, leaving you with more of the guitar’s original character, but still adding a nice, creamy layer of phase on top.  

In conjunction, these pedals produce a perfect, funky rhythm tone.  Here’s me running a Gibson SG through the Dyna Comp and Phasor 201:

So there you have it – two simple and affordable pedals that come together for a tone that spells Funk with a capital F.  Both of these beauties are in stock at Red Note Rehearsal Studios, so stop by to give them a spin, or pick them up at our online store.  Give up the funk!

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