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12 Feb Muddy Tones Pedals Added to Library!

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Muddy Tones Pedals is a small company that makes amazing hand-made effects out of Philadelphia, PA.  Red Note just received a shipment of 3 pedals from Muddy Tones, and boy oh boy are these some sonic destroyers.  All fall within the broad FUZZ category, but each with its own distinct identity:

  • The Fuzz Gun is based off of a germanium Tone Bender.  Think classic bite and huge tonal range interplay with your guitar’s volume knob.
  • The Wet Cat is based off of a tall font green Russian Big Muff.  Huge sustain and big beefy bottoms.  This pedal adds a nifty switch to either scoop or boost your mids (or just leave them flat).
  • The Dank is a one knob fuzz.  It’s a fuzz with one knob.  The knob controls the fuzz.  The fuzz is dank.  
Muddy Tones pedals

Muddy Tones Fuzz Pedals: Fuzz Gun, Wet Cat, and Dank (L to R)

Different fuzzes with different tones and capabilities, but all awesome in their own way, and built by hand to ensure quality and durability.  We’ll be adding these to our online store in the near future, and also doing some individual reviews so you can get a better sense of the sounds.  Or better yet, stop in today and try them out yourself!

For more info on Muddy Tones pedals, check out their facebook page.

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