Pedals - Red Note Rehearsal Studios
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Pedals, effects, stompboxes – call them what you will, these little monsters can do wonders for your tone.  Whether you need a little extra gain to hit that sweet spot on your tube amp, heaps of flanger and delay to launch into orbit, or anything in between, effects pedals are here to help.


We keep a constantly revolving library of pedals and effects here at the studio, and encourage customers to try them out for free during rehearsal sessions, however they are also available for daily rentals outside of studio use.  So if you need a certain sound for a live performance or recording session, or just want to spend some time experimenting with new sounds, any one of our pedals can be rented for extended periods of time.  Many of these pedals are also for sale on our online store.  Otherwise, read on to see what we currently have in stock, and let us know if there’s anything you don’t see but would like to get your hands on!


Rental pricing on most pedals and effects is between $10-20 per day of use.  For all equipment and rental inquiries, call us directly at (917) 676-1364, or use our contact form.


Currently in stock: