Store - Red Note Rehearsal Studios
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In addition to being a full-service music practice space, Red Note Rehearsal Studios also includes a music supply store, carrying guitar pedals, accessories, and more.  Currently in stock are:


  • Ernie Ball electric guitar strings in Super Slinky (9/42), Regular Slink (10/46) and Power Slinky (11/48) sizes
  • Ernie Ball bass guitar strings in Super Slinky (45/100), Regular Slinky (50/105), and Hybrid Slinky (45/105) sizes
  • Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic guitar strings in Light (11/52) and Medium Light (12/54) sizes
  • Ernie Ball Earthwood nylon classical ball-end strings (size 28/42)
  • Ernie Ball and Dunlop guitar straps
  • Dunlop Nickel Wound electric guitar strings (size 10/46)
  • Dunlop Super Bright Nickel Wound electric guitar strings (sizes 9/42, 10/46)
  • Dunlop Heavy Core electric guitar strings (sizes 11/50, 12/54)
  • Dunlop Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings (sizes 11/52, 12/54, 13/56)
  • Dunlop Nickel Wound bass guitar strings (sizes 45/105, 45/125)
  • Dunlop Tortex  and Nylon Standard guitar picks (sizes .60 mm, .73 mm, .88 mm, 1.0 mm)
  • Dunlop chrome and glass guitar slides
  • Dunlop cleaning kits for guitar, drums, and cymbals
  • Dunlop 10′ and 20′ instrument cables and 6″ patch cables
  • Dunlop trigger capos
  • Drum sticks (5A, wood or nylon tip)
  • Official Red Note “START A BAND” t shirts (sizes S/M/L/XL)
  • PEDALS PEDALS PEDALS!  Our library of guitar pedals is an ever changing and ever growing fleet.  Take a look at our pedals page for a complete list of the current lineup.  Many of those pedals are for sale, and all are available for free hourly use during studio time.  A selection of the pedals we have that are for sale is also available at our online store.
  • And who knows what else!  Currently there’s a Peavey Rage combo amp sitting here that we’d happily let go for $50 bucks.  If you have any gear you’re looking to get rid of, let us know and I’ll consider taking it off your hands.
  • Lastly, if there’s anything we don’t have in stock that you want us to, let us know!